Saturday, 21 October 2017

Holiday Album

Holiday Album

Hallo There!

It's holiday time again and
what better time to see
Part 2 of Craftyfield's
Fauxdori Album.  

So without further ado
it is over to you Craftyfield:

"Last month I showed you a no commitment 
type of album, similar to Midoris,
 [read the post here

Rather than using blank pages or a 
standard notebook for my Fauxdori, 
I knew I wanted to use scrapbook papers
 to make mini albums for short holidays, 
weekend trips and the like.

I spotted the Kaisercraft Basecoat IV 
on the Craft Barn website and quickly 
snatched them in case they would go 
the same way as the previous Basecoat 
collections (out of stock everywhere...). 

To me they lend themselves to 
contemporary scrapbooks and particularly 
urban photos, therefore, perfect for 
the pages I had in mind. 

In this picture I show some of the
 papers and directly below, their reverse side. 
Notice how on the reverse of the label area
 (the bit you normally cut off) there are 
quotes printed.

I put together the pages (after cutting
 down to size) in the same way as for 
my Gelli prints/watercolour notebook I did 
last month.

More interesting than the 
paper album, however, are 
folders/inserts for the Fauxdori. 

A basic folder design starts by 
scoring horizontally a 12x12 paper 8" 
(or whatever your page length is),
 making a 4" flap that will hold 
memorabilia, photos etc... 

Then a vertical cut in the middle
 of the flap, or a narrow triangle
 can be cut out instead.

As you can see in this picture, 
I went further and used a die 
to give my folder an extra 
decorative detail.

I turned the paper over (it's double sided)
 and to prevent the contents from 
spilling out the sides, I make a fold 
by scoring at 0.5" left and right. 

By using the paper "sideways" and 
keeping the label I made a feature 
of the printed quote. 

On the flap I created in the previous step, 
I cut out the paper on the score line,
 as shown in the photo, bottom right. 

Do the same to the left.

You can fold the flap and glue it down, 
you now have a perfectly serviceable folder.

But... how about a second tier? 
Yes, a second paper cut down smaller 
(6" tall in my case) and die-cut in 
the same manner as the first one
 is just placed inside the folder
 and stuck in place with the side folds.

 This is how it looks all put together 
and with various item secreted in the pockets. 
Notice how I rounded the corners,
 including the "middle" (I used the 
corner rounder on the folded file folder). 

Rounding the middle, actually creates
 the perfect slot for the elastic that 
will keep the folder in place in the Midori.

There are more options and decorative 
ways of making these folders, a few of these 
are shown here. 

I have used decorative scissors 
(remember those?) to create 
the bottom flap opening.

I also jazzed up my second tier pockets 
by die-cutting the top with a skyline die 
and a Hello die.

You could also use your border and 
punches, as I said, plenty of options...
 look in your stash and go mad!

You want transparent folders to see 
what treasures you've put away? 
No problems, there are several solutions 
for that too. Use your imagination to
 turn items into folders. 

In this picture what you see is a
 plastic cover for school books 
(with a school book in it!) I picked up 
in France where they are de rigueur and
 readily available.  

I cut such an A4 cover in 2 and scored 
each half in the middle for an A5 size
 plastic folder.

Here's the pocket after scoring, 
with photos in it.

I later sealed the pockets by melting the
 plastic along the scoring line. 
You can run a stitch line instead 
with your sewing machine.

Of course you can use other plastic items 
to turn them into folders, think Zip-loc bags, 
page protectors etc...

 Here I cut flaps in an A4 page protector
 and created an horizontal seam halfway 
down the page and a vertical seam on the 
lower half creating an A5 and 2 A6 pockets. 

Excuse the rough look of this one, 
I made it from an already used and 
abused protector and will use it to
 hold some of my scraps.

 The inserts shown in the Midori, the plastic 
folder in the middle is difficult to photograph!

  From a different angle...

I hope this has inspired you to create
 your own Fauxdori, I'd love to see 
what ideas you come up with... "



You have certainly inspired me
Craftyfield.  What a fantastic
project Thank you for this and
for potentially saving us a small
fortune on an actual Midori

At this point I should make it clear
that Midori is a trade name and
Fauxdori is Craftyfield's clever
description of her Midori-like book

"Till tomorrow

Mickie xx

Friday, 20 October 2017

For the Boys

For the Boys

Hallo Everyone!

All ready for half-term?
It does vary throughout the
country - however, in this
little corner of our green 
and pleasant land the
holiday starts after school
today - Yayyy!!!

Here's an idea from
Jane Castle to enjoy if
the weather causes everyone
to be housebound - or even
if the weather is good .......

"Hi everyone, thank you for stopping by. 
Today it's my turn to make a 'gift for the boys' 
and I began with an inexpensive 
wooden box, available from The Craft Barn,
 some paint, Seth Apter stamps
 and a few other bits.

 The finished box I'm thrilled with but 
there were times when I wasn't so sure!

I started by giving the inside a coat of 
Fresco Chalk paint in Mushroom, 
then when fully dry cut some dark red 
felt and lined the base and lid.

Then I painted the outside in Space Cadet

The 4 sides were then painted with a 
crackle medium and then once dry 
given a coat of the mushroom paint. 

The edges of the lid were lightly sanded
in places

I then applied some grunge paste through
 a stencil to the top of the lid.

When the paste was dry I made a wash
 of 1 part mushroom, 1 part space cadet 
and 1 part water to go over the top of the lid.

Whilst this was drying I stamped my image 
for the top and the opening part of the lid. 
For this I used Archival Watering Can and
 one of Seth Apter's new set of stamps ESA05
 and stamped onto a sheet of waxed
 tissue paper.

Once the ink was dry I brushed some water
 around the stamped image and tore the
 paper as this helps when appyling the tissue 
paper to the box.

I also stamped an edging to go around 
the base of the box using 2 of the stamps
 from the same set. 
(Great set of stamps--- so versatile)

These were then added to the box using
 a matt glaze but could also be attached
 with a collage medium.

I left these over night to allow them to 
fully dry before cutting through 
the tissue with a craft knife to 
allow the lid to open.

At this point I wasn't completely happy
 with the image on the top. I sat gazing at this 
for some time thinking of various options, 
one being to skim over the top with a thin layer
 of Grunge Paste and start again!

I added the border around the bottom of 
the box whilst I made my decission. 
I knew I still wanted to use the same stamp 
for the lid so I thought I'd try stamping 
another image but using Potting Soil ink
 this time.

When tearing the tissue paper this time 
I made sure it was smaller than the 
original one on the box.

I made a hole in the side of the lid to 
thread my string through and added some 
mushroom and space cadet paint to 
2 screw head brads.

Treasure Gold wax in Olive Bronze was added 
to the edges and now I not only like 
the finished pencil box -  
I don't want to part with it!

I plan to give it to a chap I work with 
who comes from an arty family, 
he makes wonderful things from metal
 and wood. 
He does some sketches of his ideas first
 but can never find his drawing pencils 
or charcoal.

So thought I would buy him some lead and charcoal 
pencils and pop them inside for his birthday.

Might have to make one for myself too!!"

Items Used

PaperArtsy Rubber Stamps
PaperArtsy Stencil

That is a super pencil box
Jane, Thank you.  Your
colleague will be a
happy chappie to receive
this - not so sure I would
put charcoal in it though
.....I know you said pencils
but I am lethal with charcoal
in any form..........!

Now a word to the wise Everyone
I know the Design Team all
chose to use this new set:

This new set is also available:

Indeed it might be worth checking
out all the Seth Apter stamp sets

"Till tomorrow

Mickie xx

Thursday, 19 October 2017

For the Boys

For the Boys

Hi Everyone!

Wouldn't be great if
making gifts for the
boys was just a question
of changing the colour
scheme? ........... 

Actually, I think we
would miss out on a lot
of the fun if we did that
although I did read 
somewhere that the male
brain is wired differently
for colour.  Really?
I'm not sure  .........

Louise Thomson has
an interesting question  .......

"Why do women get all 
the notebooks?! Sure, I love a tiny 
notebook probably as much as most 
crafters but that's not to say that 
there can't be masculine ones too. 

My Dad always keeps a notebook
 in the car to record his petrol 
and mileage. 

My brother has one that he records
 places he's cycled, and yet
 if you look in the shops, most 
notebooks are floral and feminine, 
or at best plain. 

Time to address the situation!

I started with an alterable Kraft notebook, 
fresco paint in Antarctic and some 
Seth Apter stamps. 

I gave the notebook a couple of coats
 of paint and left it to dry.

 I stamped one of the Seth Apter ESA05 set
 in cobalt archival ink onto some tissue paper
and glued to the spine.

 I used aquamarine archival ink 
for the main image

I partially re inked the stamp and stamped 
over the top in the darker blue. 

Using a fine liner I highlighted a few 
of the details. 

I also added some inking around 
the edge of the notebook.

To finish I added metal corners 'tarnished' 
with a little permanent black ink, 
coiled wire and a wooden kaisercraft key 
gilded in silver alchemy wax and attached
 with a little piece of wire."

Thank you Louise.  I think
you have provided a good
solution to the dilemma of
why are little notebooks
often so pretty pretty

I try to keep a stock of
these little notebooks to
hand as I find they do
make nice little presents
and are quite fun to
decorate to suit the

"Till tomorrow

Mickie xx